How to Find Your Dream Venue

Picking a wedding venue can be HARD WORK. It is one of the biggest decisions in your wedding planning experience. There are so many amazing venue’s around now! How in the world do you choose the venue that is right for you? I’ll tell you in 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Find a venue that matches your personality.

If you are an outdoorsy crew make sure you find a place that you can be outside for some of your photos and that is close to some cool spots that your photographer can sweep you away to really quickly. Your venue is going to be in every single picture that you take. Make sure that it complements your interests.

Step 2: Find a venue that has that “wow factor”.

So many people spend unreal amounts of money on decor that they will never use after their big day. Finding a venue that has that “wow factor” may cost more upfront but you won’t have to spend the money on things making the space look beautiful, because it will already be INCREDIBLE. If you walk into a venue and your first impression isn’t WOW, keep looking!

Step 3: Find a venue that has staff that will stick with you from the beginning to the end.

Venue searching is one of the first steps brides take after the ring. Make sure that your team at the venue will be by your side from that stage all the way until your sparkler exit! If you have great venue staff that is willing to help you with vendor searching and will be helpful during your special day, you are set.

Step 4: Find a venue with amazing reviews.

Obviously, we live in a world where reviews are important. Make sure you read your venue’s reviews to see what brides before you have thought and if they are responsive to their comments. A venue that continues to grow and be better for their future brides is the best kind of venue.

Step 5: Find a green venue.

Y’all, venues around the United States go through SO much waste. Like a lot. Find a venue that is environmentally conscious and that cares about the world we live in. RECYCLE!

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