The story behind moon town crossing


In April of 1870, the construction of the St. Louis – San Francisco railroad line ended up placed just north of the city of Springfield. This established an entirely new city: North Springfield. The people of Springfield had formally joked about the possibility of railroads in Springfield, claiming that there would be a town on the moon before a railroad runs through the city. This led to the whimsical nickname of North Springfield as ‘Moon Town’. Following the growth of the area due to the railroad, the two cities had decided to merge 17 years later under the name Springfield. 


Moon Town Crossing was built in 2018 to display the rustic feel of North Springfield’s original roots but include the modern feel of present-day Springfield, MO. Expertly crafted by local Amish artisans, the venue was constructed using local materials the traditional way – by hand. 

This fusion of old and new, and the precision to detail, makes Moon Town Crossing an ideal event venue for all of life’s events including weddings, corporate events and special occasions.